Best life insurance beneficiary lawyer

Many life insurance claim delays and denials are done in bad faith and illegally. However, not all the beneficiaries whose claims were not paid have the strength and perseverance to fight big insurance companies. In many cases, they simply accept even the most absurd and illegitimate reasons for denial because dealing with insurance companies may be difficult and stressful. Without the help of a skilled life insurance lawyer, the fight to receive your life insurance proceeds may take months or even years, or you may never receive the insurance benefits at all. Different life policies are governed by different laws and regulations and it is best to have legal representation when disputing a claim.


Life Insurance Lawyer

Life insurance beneficiary lawyer understand what difficult time family members are going through after a loved one passes away. We are a team of experienced life insurance attorneys who know the many forms negligent, bad faith or fraudulent insurance practices can take. Our law firm focuses on claims against insurance companies for failing to pay or underpaying in accordance with the provisions of their policies, and on claims against insurance brokers for making mistakes and omissions that undermine policyholders’ abilities to collect under their existing policies. We represent beneficiaries under life insurance policies whose claims were denied based on the insurer’s claim that the decedent misrepresented some fact on the application.

Policies and applications are often difficult to read and decipher. Insurance law often allows for interpretations of these clauses in favor of beneficiaries and policyholders and an experienced life insurance lawyer will help you get the benefits to which you are entitled.

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