Fix you refrigerator with Marietta Appliance Repair Pros

The first thing you should do is narrow down where the sound is coming from. Is it coming from the inside or the outside of the refrigerator or freezer? You can contact Marietta Appliance Repair Pros straight. If it is coming from the outside down near the bottom you can pull the refrigerator out, remove the cover to the machine compartment to see if something is hitting the condenser fan blade. Occasionally refrigerators will suck in something off the floor and try to force it through the evaporator. Sometimes the debris will get stuck and the condenser fan blade will hit it causing noise. If there is no obstruction around the condenser fan blade and the condenser fan motor is not noisy, listen to the compressor. If your compressor is suddenly and unexpectedly noisy, you better start looking for a place to store your food. Refrigerator or freezer compressors that suddenly get noisy are destine to fail quickly. The cost of replacing a compressor today is sometimes one half to one third the cost of a replacement refrigerator or freezer. So it usually makes more sense to replace the refrigerator or freezer with a new one.


If the noises coming from the inside of the refrigerator look and see if there is a frost buildup on the evaporator. If there is a frost or ice build up on or near the evaporator there is another problem that needs to be addressed. You will need to start troubleshooting to find the underlying issue causing the noise. There may be a defrost problem or perhaps the evaporator drain tube is restricted. For more information on evaporator drain tube restrictions, click here

If it turns out to be a noisy evaporator fan, that is something that most homeowners or do-it-yourselfers can fix. All you need to do is get the complete model number from your refrigerator or your freezer and contact an appliance parts company to obtain a replacement fan motor. I do not recommend that you go with the universal fan motor as they never seem to fit correctly. I’ve seen appliance repair technicians struggle with universal fan kits and as a homeowner or do-it-yourselfer you will have trouble with the maze of parts that come in the box.

And finally remember a refrigerator or freezer evaporator is very fragile aluminum tubing. If you poke a hole in your evaporator, once again you will be looking for a place to store your food and will be in search of a new refrigerator or freezer based on the cost of repairing it.

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