Fun facts about Limousines

The Pioneer Limo

The initial limo came to life in 1902. The driver’s seat was outside of the passenger partition and was in the open with only a roof. The length was also smaller than that of an average limo in the 21st century. The main concern in these limos was the privacy of the passengers. Construction of long limos began in the 1920s. A glass partition was in between the driver’s and passengers’ cubicle.

Stretch Limos

The original stretch limo began operations in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1928. Armbruster Coach Company built it. It served mainly huge bands, for example, Benny Goodman and the Glenn Miller. During this time, they were called big band buses. This band was famous and the limo transported them, their agents and equipment. They helped popularise the limo in the music industry.


Coining of the Name Limousine

Limousines are named after the Limousin area in France. The traditional outfit for this region was a cloaked hood to shield shepherds from severe weather. The covered part of the limo looked like the hood. The cloak was referred to as limo and therefore the word limousine for the car. The abbreviation-limo- is now very common.

Incorporation of Air Conditioners

The first air conditioners for use in limousines and prestigious cars were made in 1939 for Chicago and New York cars. The Packard Motor Car Company in New York made these. In 1940, a car with an inbuilt air conditioner was up and running. The air conditioner was optional due to its expensive cost. A customer had to request to have it incorporated.

The air conditioner was less effective initially and occupied much of the trunk space. It also could not measure temperature.

The Longest Limo

Jay Ohrberg from California assembled the world’s longest limousine. This limo is 100 feet long and made an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. It has two cabin components for drivers and 26 tyres. Two long sections combine and have a middle-section hinge to facilitate turning. It has numerous luxury features.

It has been purposeful for movies, advertising and shows. The amenities in this limo include a Jacuzzi hot tub, four television sets, two fax machines and an air conditioning system. This car still holds the record as of 2015 in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest limo.


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