James Bond Blood Stone: Online Gaming

James Bond returns even if he doesn’t have a movie iteration to follow this time. While MGM is in financial trouble it looks like the latest adaption of the famous franchise appears in video game form. With Daniel Craig reprising his role as the stone cold charismatic secret agent. Who travels across the world to stop a maniac from obtaining research that could lead to biological warfare.



Cinematic James Bond movie moments in a video game. The adrenaline fueled chases and daring escapes of our favorite agent are masterfully captured in Blood Stone. There will be plenty of hair raising moments where Bond gets himself into deep trouble. He’ll escape gas chambers, and avoid being crushed by giant drills. You will also get the thrill of hopping into cars, and hunting down whoever is on Bond’s hit-list at the moment.

The surroundings that you traverse are utterly jaw dropping. While you’ll have little time to actually take in the scenery, what you do see is absolutely gorgeous. The detail in the architecture is something to behold, while the intricacies of the little things like flares off lights will be hard to miss. It’s easy to see that the Bespoke engine does wonders for this game.

It’s more than just an action game this time around. With more emphasis on investigating and stealth as you travel about. It’s a simplistic approach that is similar to the Detective Mode seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Bond will switch on his phone to search for important intel, or for the location of his enemies and options to take them out. It is a welcome change to most Bond games, where everything is focused on mowing down enemies.

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