Georgia Gas Company

Georgia Gas Company also provide the following products and services on an outsource/partnership basis or (EGS may consider buying your existing power/energy plant):

* Process Steam Generation Services
* District Heating & Cooling Systems
* District Cooling Systems/Chilled Water Services
* Compressed Air Services
* Simple-Cycle Power Plants
* Combined-Cycle Power Plants
* Organic Rankine Cycle Plants
* Energy Performance Contracting


Why Partner with EGS?

EGS will buy your facility’s existing energy/power plant! Why should your company tie-up valuable capital, owning a capital asset, that produces no revenues for your company? Aren’t there better investments your company can make to generate revenues?

When EGS buys your existing power/energy plant, you can use this capital to generate real revenues for your company!  After EGS acquires your company’s existing power/thermal/energy plant (district energy system, chilled water plant or thermal power plant), you are able to use our capital to make investments into your company that make better economic sense – and lead to new revenues from revenue producing assets – instead of a non-revenue producing asset. We may make additional investments in the newly acquired EGS power/energy system – that makes it even more efficient by our adding additional capacity.  EGS will oversee the financing, design, engineering, project management, building and refurbishing of the power/energy plant.

Small business website design

And if you think that getting a unique website isn’t important then think again. Think of it this way. You are a college kid, which kind of girl would you stand up and notice? Which kind of girl would you have an urge to talk to? Which kind of girl would leave you impressed without even saying a word? The one who has dressed averagely and has a hair style like every other girl or the one who looks a class apart with her hairstyle, her style and her appearance! You already the know the answer.

The same goes with websites. A visitor’s attention time span is too little..if you can’t get him impressed on first look, he won’t stay around to see what you have to offer. So, it’s integral that your website has that WOW factor, something that a generic website made through a DIY service or through templates would never have.


Custom Websites that Are Different and Engaging

Now that you understand why custom small business website design, you should also know whyWebdesign. It’s really simple. You want that unique website, that WOW factor, that ability to impress, that ability to stand out and we have the designers who know how to give your website just that.

Not only this, our team understands that a website doesn’t just need to stand out’ it needs to reflect your business’s ideals, ethics and services. And thus, we take into account your requirements and carve a website that totally mirrors your business and makes your business look a class apart from your competition.

We would deliver a website that would make your job of converting visitors into customers really EASY! So, choose AJ Media and choose success!

Finding an electrician in Lafayette, Louisiana

In order to find an electrician in Lafayette, Louisiana, we carry a variety of electrical fittings as stock so I can get you fixed up as soon as possible. Light switches, RCD safety switches or circuit breakers, power outlets, smoke alarms and of course a variety of cables.
• Professional Electrician Service
• Friendly and polite Electrical Service
• Specialise in domestic electrics
• Tidy worker and clear up after finishing your electrical job
• Try to keep all appointments – I’ll always let you know if I have been delayed
• Pricing will be competitive
• Same Day Service available
• Free Quote for your electrics job with no obligation at all
• Happy to give our Senior Citizens a discount
• Fully Licenced & Public Liability Insurance
• I guarantee the electrical work I do is top quality
• Safe Work Practices always

Electricians work in Louisiana I undertake

Electrical contractor Louisiana
  • full re wiring and repairs
  • additional power outlets inside, kitchen, lounge or workshop
  • additional power outlets for your barbecue area
  • new down lights, LED lighting Louisiana replacement down lighters for great light output and low energy consumption
  • Security CCTV Louisiana systems

Electrical Protection and Safety Louisiana

  • Fuse board RCD full installation
  • RCD Electrical Safety switches Louisiana
  • Smoke alarms Louisiana supply and installation
  • Electrical testing

Air Conditioning Louisiana

  • Air conditioning repairs
  • New air conditioning systems installed


  • Solar panel installation
  • Complete Electric/Photovoltaic Solar System full electrical system installation

Get Rid of Pests Now

Surekill specialise in Pest Control , our rates are highly competitive and offer outstanding value for money. Don’t forget, a pest problem left untreated could cost you much more down the line as pests gnaw through your house or business, spread disease and in some cases can also damage your reputation. And because our services are tailored to the needs of each and every client, we make sure you only pay for the services you need, at an affordable rate. Contact us today for a free quote.

If you’re in UK or the surrounding areas and you need help controlling pests, look no further, SureKill offers an extensive service for all kinds of pest, serving both residential and commercial customers. We can help you with many of the pests that are found.


Residential Services

Even the cleanest of homes can suffer from pests but with one phone call to us we can solve your problem. If you have an infestation of rats, mice or other vermin, or you have birds causing unwanted damage to your home we can help.

Commercial Services

We offer a range of commercial pest control services that can be tailored to your individual needs. All of our technicians are fully trained, regularly updated, fully insured and all carry identification. Contact us today!

Types Of Pests

Common pests include: Black Ants, Wasps, Fleas, Cockroaches, Moles, House Mice, Brown Rats, Cluster Flys, Bed Bugs, Rabbits, Grey Squirrels, Clothes Moths, Carpet Beetles, Pigeons, Badgers, Foxes, Bees and many more…

Experts Know Best: Why Professionals Should Detail Your Car

Expert services guarantee you a better satisfaction in any field, that’s why it’s always best to seek professionals for any sensitive service. When it comes to car detailing, professionals in the field are your best bet, you want to get what you bargained for right? Better get a professional. They may even exceed your expectations. If you give the job to amateurs a lot of things can go wrong and you do not want to take that chance.

So, why are professional the best choice to detail your vehicle?

  • Experience; practice makes it perfect. Professionals have probably been detailing vehicles for years hence accrued extensive knowledge and experience of the challenges that come with the job. Experts have what it takes to deliver a sparkling clean vehicle. It’s a routine for them to clean vehicles and they will not miss out on any detail that needs attention. Professionals know exactly how to handle your vehicle so damages will be a very rare occurrence. What if something goes wrong during the detailing? Seasoned experts are likely to have encountered that scenario and they are armed with the skills to sort that out.
  • Cleaning materials and agents; is there an embarrassing stain you have been struggling to remove for a while? Don’t worry the experts knows exactly what it needs. Cleaning agents differ for different material on your vehicle, an expert knows what detergent can cause wear and tear to your leather seat and will not use it. They have the best car wash soap, glass cleanser, tar and bug remover. Not just any detergent can be used on your cars surface because some could be very harsh and cause damage to the surface. The right microfiber will be used to leave your vehicle sparkling clean at the experts shop.
  • Value for money; if you are going to spend your hard earned money on car detailing you want it to satisfy your expectations. Experts have the knowhow to exactly deliver that. That smelly carpet that no matter how many times you go the car wash they can’t seem to get rid of the odor, a professional can, so your money will not go to waste. Contaminants from tree sap that could cost you money for repainting if left for long on your vehicle will be removed and you can save your money for other important things
  • Right equipment; the right equipment goes hand in hand with delivery of a top quality service. Expert car detailers know this and they have these equipment which range from degreasers, ozone machines, carpet extractors, vapor steamers to pressure washers. They will extract your carpet without inflicting the slightest damage on it. Stains from bird droppings that have left blemishes on your vehicle surface will be removed without scratching your vehicle.
  • Wash and dry; if the interior of a vehicle is not washed and dried well a bad smell is likely to emanate from it after time. Not everybody will wash your vehicle and leave it with a fresh scent, the expert however knows how to work on the carpet and leave it dry and fresh. The inconvenience of a dumb smelly carpet will not come up in your vehicle once a professional works on it.

WoshlineNext time you are planning to have your car detailed, always use an expert car detailer. You will be at ease while the expert is cleaning your vehicle. All dirt related issues that your local car wash could not seem to get around will be tackled in a professional manner. The expectations you have in mind might actually be exceeded and you will feel great driving off with a shiny fresh car once they are done. Get in contact with Woshline, the professional and affordable car detailer in London and the surrounding areas.