Professional Man and Van Vs. Con artists

Man and van companies are more popular today that at any other time before; they are flexible, affordable, and very convenient with most people. You will find lots of adverts whenever you go through online adverts, in local newspapers and Yellow Pages. You’ll even find man and van ads in newspaper vendor’s windows or pinned up in telephone boxes. But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff in an industry that is also notorious for the number of cons and scammers lurking nearby?

Having heard numerous sorry stories of movers and residents who got conned into booking online, only to be conned of their hard earned cash by a ghost man and van company; take a look at this guide from Big Yellow Express on how to identify a con from a genuine man and van service provider;


1 – The vans they use?

Alarm bells should sound if the house clearance firm you have appointed turns up in one of those rusty, caged tipper vans that scrap metal dealers use, or a small medium sized van. A reputable and established house clearance firm will have a fleet of new or almost new large furniture box vans that are fully branded.

2 – Where they are based?

Does the service provider have a registered business address? A lot of bogus house clearance firms are either run from home or from a van, with no traceable registered address of a business. This is for a reason. If things go wrong, they can simply melt into the thin air without a trace! Be on the lookout.

3 – What kind of licences do they have?

The law is harsh on you as the client and the removal firm you hired if found not to have the necessary licenses and permits. The onus is on you to verify and confirm that indeed you’re working with a licensed and accredited firm.

4 – Are they insured?

While it’s not compulsory for any house clearance firm to have public liability insurance, it should be necessary given the nature of the industry. After all, a house clearance firm will be handling waste and entering peoples’ valuables and property. Should the worst occur, such as a broken window, damage to the walls, spillage of waste etc., who is going to pay or cover that if there is no insurance in place? Often such disputes end up in a court of law or rarely ever get resolved. Furthermore, any vehicle that carries waste has to be fully insured to do so. This is why many bogus house clearance firms use hire vans or don’t declare to their insurance what purpose their vehicle is to be used for. That is an offence and illegal.

5 – Their staff?

Alarm bells should sound if you open the door to a gang of unkempt men wearing no uniform and generally looking like they don’t know what they are doing. A reputable house clearance company will typically send 3 men to clear a property and those men will be decent, sober, clean and fully uniformed. They should also have the required protective gear too.

6 – How you pay them?

Alarm bells should sound if the house clearance firm you employ asks for a deposit up front and insists on it. A reputable house clearance company will have confidence in their services and as such, they won’t mind offering their services and billing you afterwards.  Most bogus house clearance companies won’t even have a bank account anyway. By law anyone setting up a business that deals with waste has to prove to a bank that they have the right licences, a registered business address and insurance before a bank agrees to create a business account for them.

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7 – What do they do with the house clearance contents?

You should also be very keen with how the removal teams behave when in your premises. Are they snooping around for valuable items or taking more interest in objects that may have some monetary value, than the junk or clutter that you’re paying them to take away for you? Quite a number of bogus house clearance firms also run second-hand shops, ebay stores or are on the look out for antiques – often unknown to the customer. A reputable house clearance company should actually concentrate more on getting your items arriving safely and wholly. Which is why insurance matters a lot, an insured removal company gives you the peace of mind from knowing that in case anything gets lost or damaged during moving, the company will be held responsible.

Don’t become a victim of crime or help perpetuate it by employing, hiring or appointing rogue and bogus house clearance firms. Insist on seeing a real and genuine copy of their waste carrier’s certificate and licences and keep a record of the details just in case.

Choosing the Experienced Electrical Contractors in London

Experienced Electrical Contractors in London

Experienced Electrical Contractors in London

Electrical contractors are all over in London. When it comes to selecting the most experienced electrical contractors in London, you need to consider some factors. Remember that you are not just looking for any other contractor – you are looking for the most experienced electrical contractors in London. To select the experienced contractors, you have to carry out some research to know well whom you are dealing with. It will make you know for how long the contractor has operated as an electrical contractor in the market. Below are some of the things you will do before selecting an experienced electrical contractor in London.

Experienced Electrical Contractors London

Ask for Referrals from Friends and Relatives

When you are in the process of selecting an electrical professional, you must make sure that whoever you will be contracting will be the most experienced in his area of expertise. By doing this, you will be guaranteed of quality services that will satisfy you, hence creating a good working relationship with the contractor.

Friends and relatives are a great source for such vital information. This is because, they may have worked with the company back.They will be ready to give you the most genuine feedback from their last experiences with the contractors. It will be rare for a friend or a relative to deceive you in such circumstances.

Ask them if they have ever worked with the contractor and their thought about them. Are they worth contracting or did they fail to meet the service level agreement you both laid down at the beginning of your contract? These are some of the questions you will ask your friends and they will give you good referrals.

Experienced Electrical Contractors in London

Do Some Research Online to Determine How Long They Have Stayed in the Market

This is another important aspect when you are considering hiring an experienced contractor. Check their website and see when they began operating. When you already know when they started, inquire whether their contractors are well trained to work as electrical professionals. Inquire about the number of customers they have serviced. This will help you know whether they have the experience to handle your project.

If you realize they don’t qualify for your project, continue searching in the internet for electrical contractors that will suit your requirements. Don’t rush or get worried about time. Remember, you need quality and not poor-quality services done hurriedly. So, take your time to explore the market for the most experienced contractors.

Choose Electrical Contractors Who is Trusted by Many

People within your locality know quite well some contractors who may perfectly do the job. Local contractors may be in a position to know which contractor has stayed in the market and whether he or she can best handle your problem.

Inquire at any of the electrical shops in your locality for the best contractors. This is because it is in these shops where the electrical contractors go to purchase some of the electrical appliances for use during their services to people.

In some shops, you will notice that they have even left their contacts behind so that you can easily reach them. This is the best opportunity to ask more about the contractor. Of course, the shop attendant must be in a position to know more about the contractor if at all there was a call to action left with him behind.

Choosing the Experienced Electrical Contractors in London

Look for Reviews from Customers

Reviews are the most genuine when you want to know more about a product or service. Customers will always give their thoughts honestly. If they didn’t like the company’s services, they will say it without fear. If they liked it, they will encourage more people to use or try the company.

If you have done all the above, you should be guaranteed of getting the most experienced electrical contractors who will handle your projects with a lot of passion. People who have done something for quite some time have the passion of doing it.

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